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Finding Your Purpose - by Accomplished Author Dr. Cortesha Cowan

Finding Your Purpose, Passion & Planning in 20 Days

by Dr. Cortesha Cowan

Within the next 20 days, you can stay on track with this mission; if you allow God to work things out for you! Dr. Cortesha Cowan, is a certified professional life coach, Christian life coach, holds chaplaincy license, an evangelist license, and has now provided you a step-by-step plan to utilize the 3P’s within your life… Purpose, Passion, and a Plan to accomplish God’s vision for your life!

$20.99 (plus s/h)

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Thrive Girl, Thrive!

by Marsie Ross

Mental, emotional and spiritual heartbreak can be immobilizing and can even send us into a tailspin. It doesn't matter where you live, what you look like or who you love. Before you know it, you're living in "survival mode" simply trying to get through another day. As women, we are taught to shove our pain and burdens down to hide them from prying eyes and even from ourselves. It's lonely to feel you are the only woman with humble and tattered beginnings. You can feel alone in your fear and shame. The brave women in this book know what it's like to feel scared, unwanted, unloved, overwhelmed, abused and downright lost. Until they said ENOUGH! They've discovered how to not simply live to survive but to live to thrive. This book is designed to hell? you release the shackles that hold you back from experiencing a full life. This is your time to Thrive Girl Thrive.

$18.00 (plus s/h)

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Get Up and WinGirl, Get Up and Win!

by Telishia Berry, Dr. Cortesha Cowan, et. al

In, Girl, Get Up and Win, 40 women--including one husband and wife team--share personal stories of enduring and overcoming depression, marital issues, grief, brokenness, domestic abuse, illness and rejection.  Through the transparent, true, and relatable stories in this collaborative work, all women can be encouraged to know that if they are going through life-altering situations they, too, can get up from their challenges and win in life!

$10.18 (plus s/h)
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Standing in God's Grace: Women's Compilation Project, Volume 2

by Nina Bailey-Fletcher, Dr. Cortesha Cowan, Toni R. Davis

The Women's Compilation Project is hosted by Mutual Partners Association, a nonprofit organization that implements after-school and summer programs for youth in urban communities. The proceeds from this project will help pay for youth to attend after-school and summer programs that teach character development, self-esteem, leadership skills, and experiential learning through fun activities such as theater, music, art, dance, and sports.

$14.95 (plus s/h)

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Dr. Cortesha Cowan Contributing Author in The Ms. CEO BookThe Miz CEO Book

by Jessica Mosley

Entreprenuership is definitely NOT for the faint of heart. It involves a grind that one must be up for the challenge, both day and night. Inside of this book you will hear from some powerhouse women that will take you on a journey and discuss with you the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glam of being an FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR! Are you up for the challenge?

$24.95 (plus s/h)

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Dr. Cortesha Cowan Contributing AuthorWhat is a Courageous Woman

by Telishia Berry

What is a Courageous Woman? She can be described in so many ways. This inspiring collaboration features 78 co-authors who share their definition of a courageous woman. Our goal is to uplift, encourage, and motivate readers. The book can be used for special reading in women's groups, conferences, etc.

$10.00 (plus s/h)

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Her Chronicles

by Jai Stone

Emotional Nudity (TM) is a way of living that starts with one simple act, telling the truth!  In the second installment of the Her Chronicles series, another eleven women courageously come together, open up, and share their honest and raw stories of survival, sacrifice, and spiritual awakening.

This collection of tales once again takes us back into the deep twisted roots of womanhood as the writers share some of their most intimate stories of loss, pain, betrayal, and abuse, and how they have overcome through faith, love, and forgiveness. From pain to triumph, prepare to experience your full range of emotions as you take your journey through Her Chronicles, Vol. 2.

$24.95 (plus s/h)

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